Supplying Sysdyne Control Systems in Texas and Oklahoma


Sysdyne Controls

We sell, install and service Sysdyne batch controls, dispatch systems and material handling system controls. If you have any questions about the systems below, contact us today.

Sysdyne Batch Controls

Batch Control Systems

The Sysdyne batching system is a one-stop solution for your batching needs. It uses a Windows platform and is versatile and expandable, handling order entry, ticketing, scheduling, reports, and more. Learning and using the system are simple, upgrades are as easy as plug and play, and customer telephone support is free.

Contact us to discuss integrating Sysdyne batch controls with your new or existing plant.

Download PDF Brochures:
Sysdyne TrailBlazer Batching System
Sysdyne Scout Batching System

Dispatch System

Sysdyne’s is the first Web-based central dispatch system that provides a cost-effective solution to small, medium and large concrete producers.

Sysdyne ConcreteGo Online Dispatch System

  • No large investment required
  • No need to buy extra hardware or software
  • No per-user charges
  • No dedicated IT personnel necessary
  • Hassle-free implementation, maintenance and upgrade
  • Pay-as-you-go, one annual fee covers all
  • Multiple dispatchers can use the same functions at the same time
  • Secure access to customized reports for various users anytime, anywhere in the world

Contact us to learn more about and how it saves money over traditional dispatching software.

Sysdyne Auto Seek-N-Feed controller

Material Handling System

Run your concrete production non-stop with Sysdyne’s Auto Seek-N-Feed controller. Set it once and it does the rest. It is a truly intelligent product that has the flexibility to interface with a variety of equipment.

  • Stand-alone automatic material handling system with full manual control backup
  • Indicators for bin high, bin low(not required), turnhead position and feed gate open/close
  • A clear display of current feeding cycle in automatic mode
  • Standard control of 6 ground bins and 6 overhead bins, 2 conveyors and one turn head
  • Flexibility of assigning any ground bin to feed any designated overhead bins
  • Flexibility of belt-off delay setup (0-99 seconds)
  • Multi-level feeding choices for seasonal adjustment
  • Semi-automatic function, a complement to full automatic and full manual control
  • Allows one-time re-pairing of the ground/overhead bin whenever needed
  • Feed a designated overhead bin with one touch control
  • Skip function allows termination of the current feeding cycle to fulfill emergency needs

Contact us to discuss integrating Sysdyne’s controller with your new or existing material handling systems.