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CON-E-CO Concrete Mixers

CON-E-CO mixers are the heart of your central-mix concrete batch plant. Designed to last in typical CON-E-CO fashion, these rugged mixers will provide years of service. Your only decision is whether to specify the traditional tilt mixer (for highest volumes) or the HRM-12 horizontal reversing mixer (for quiet operation, low dust and low maintenance).

CON-E-CO Tilt Mixer

Capable of producing 12- to 15-yard batches, the heavy duty CON-E-CO Tilt Mixer is right for the job in high-throughput plants.

CON-E-CO HRM-12 Horizontal Reversing Mixer

The HRM-12 does away with gears and hydraulic tilting in favor of a horizontal design pioneered in the last decade. Heavy-wall construction, heavy-duty tires and sophisticated electronic controls make this the best HRM in the business.

Tilt Mixer

General Description

CON-E-CO tilt mixers are heavy-duty in every sense of the word. These rugged 12 to 15 cubic yard mixers allow for 54″ wide conveyor belt charging to maximize productivity. They feature a super strong, 1″ thick by 14″ wide ring gear belly band that is engineered to exact roundness specifications for smooth operation and long life. And the five star mixing blade system is designed for aggressive mixing action, fast batching and easy replacement.

All major components are designed with easy access and easy servicing in mind. For example, grease zerks are plumbed to isolated areas away from moving parts. And the totally enclosed fan-cooled motors are protected against the elements. And the 12-volt emergency tilt enables the mixer to be emptied in case of a power outage.

Oversized Capacity

  • Calculated capacity: 12 or 15 cubic yards
  • Increased quality of concrete mix
  • Shortened mix time
  • Allows for 54” wide conveyor belt charging while maintaining ratings of 12- or 15-cubic yard capacities

Shipped Assembled and Pre-Wired

  • Factory pre-assembly reduces field assembly cost
  • Pre-wired means no costly field wiring

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Download PDF Brochure: CON-E-CO Mixer Brochure

Horizontal Reversing Mixer

General Description

The CON-E-CO Horizontal Reversing Mixer (HRM-12) reduces maintenance costs, operates quieter, minimizes environmental impact and provides aggressive mixing action. The non-tilting operation eliminates hydraulic system maintenance and its lower height requires less overhead building clearance. The sealed mixing drum with infinite variable discharge speed means greater productivity.


  • 12 cubic yards

Features & Benefits

  • Sealed mixing drum with infinite variable speed discharge rate optimizes mixer truck charging; requires less CFM to capture dust
  • Mixing/discharge blades furnished with open slots between paddles and drum reduces concrete build up on discharge side of paddles for less daily clean up and maintenance
  • 36” retractable inlet chute with removable bolt on inlet ring provides easy access for daily clean up
  • Precise factory drive alignment and built-in precision field realignment for easy alignment in the field
  • Six-foot tall perimeter fencing with four-foot-wide removable panels provides guarding for moving parts and access for maintenance

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Download PDF Brochure: CON-E-CO HRM-12 Horizontal Mixer Brochure