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Material Handling System

Material Handling System

Sysdyne Auto Seek-N-Feed controller

Run your concrete production non-stop with Sysdyne’s Auto Seek-N-Feed controller. Set it once and it does the rest. It is a truly intelligent product that has the flexibility to interface with a variety of equipment.

— Stand-alone automatic material handling system with full manual control backup
— Indicators for bin high, bin low(not required), turnhead position and feed gate open/close
— A clear display of current feeding cycle in automatic mode
— Standard control of 6 ground bins and 6 overhead bins, 2 conveyors and one turn head
— Flexibility of assigning any ground bin to feed any designated overhead bins
— Flexibility of belt-off delay setup (0-99 seconds)
— Multi-level feeding choices for seasonal adjustment
— Semi-automatic function, a complement to full automatic and full manual control
— Allows one-time re-pairing of the ground/overhead bin whenever needed
— Feed a designated overhead bin with one touch control
— Skip function allows termination of the current feeding cycle to fulfill emergency needs

Contact us to discuss integrating Sysdyne’s controller with your new or existing material handling systems.