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Lo-Pro 427 Central Mix

General Description

The Lo-Pro 427 is a mobile concrete batch plant with a 12 cubic yard plant batcher. The Lo-Pro is the only high production mobile batch plant that can be made operational without the need for concrete foundations or a crane, and that can be fed directly by a loader or charging conveyor. A central mixer my be added, as illustrated at right.

Theoretical Production Capacity

2.5- to 3-minute cycles x 12 yard batches

Storage Bin Capacities

Aggregate Heaped Volume:
50 to 100 cubic yards
Cement I – Gross Volume:
1,708 cubic feet
Cement II – Gross Volume:
1,340 to 3,060 cubic feet

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Download PDF Brochure: CON-E-CO Lo-Pro 427 Brochure