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Lo-Pro 12 Central Mix

Low-Pro 12 Central Mix

General Description

The Lo-Pro portable dry concrete batch plant incorporates a steel frame design to reduce site preparation and foundation costs. Ultra-strong, unitized construction gives it major built-in expansion capability. Optional expansion modules such as dust control systems, unitized cement silos and aggregate storage modules can be added through simple bolt-on installation. This gives the Lo-Pro the capacity needed for permanent installation. Plumbing and wiring are pre-installed and factory tested, reducing startup costs. The Lo-Pro’s compact base makes it perfect for enclosing where cold weather or environmental restrictions are concerns.

• Available in a 10 or 12 cubic yard model
• Cement scale is the patented “Recirculating/Blending” batcher
• Aggregate scale is the innovative “Live bottom” aggregate batcher with its superior and consistent blending discharge capability
• Standard aggregate bin is 59 cubic yard x 2 compartments (expandable to 185 cu yd x 6 compartments – 270 cu yd available)
• The standard cement storage is an “On board” In-Truss 235 bbl compartment that is expandable to 735 bbls of storage
• Optional 2nd silo mounted over the cement batcher up to 1230 bbl – single compartment or split

Theoretical Production Capacity

From 150 to 300 yards per hour


• Engineered for easy, bolt-on expansion
• Stores over 270 yards of aggregate
• Multiple cement silos hold 1400+ barrels
• Bolt-on mixer dust control system

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Download PDF Brochure: CON-E-CO Lo-Pro