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All-Pro 12

General Description

The All-Pro 12 achieves new targets for reduced installation and operating costs, simplicity and compact size. Its versatile design accommodates truck charging from any angle within a 180-degree arc, and has no drive-through structure to restrict access. A larger single- or split-compartment silo, large aggregate storage bins, overhead automatic recycling truck dust collector and the patented Lo-Pro recirculating cement batcher round out the package. Producers will find that the All-Pro is the least expensive plant in its category to purchase, install and operate. It arrives in fewer loads and requires minimal site preparation, yet comes with all the advantages expected by CON-E-CO customers: pre-wiring, pre-plumbing, factory UL-listed panels, and CON-E-CO quality. Look for years of trouble-free service from this plant.

Theoretical Production Capacity

From 150 to 250 yards per hour

Storage Bin Capacities

60 to 160 cubic yards of aggregate and up to six compartments
400 BBL to 1,230 BBL single or split compartment silo

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Download PDF Brochure: CON-E-CO All-Pro 12 Spec Sheet