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Horizontal Reversing Mixer

General Description

The CON-E-CO Horizontal Reversing Mixer (HRM-12) reduces maintenance costs, operates quieter, minimizes environmental impact and provides aggressive mixing action. The non-tilting operation eliminates hydraulic system maintenance and its lower height requires less overhead building clearance. The sealed mixing drum with infinite variable discharge speed means greater productivity.

• 12 cubic yards

Features & Benefits
• Sealed mixing drum with infinite variable speed discharge rate optimizes mixer truck charging; requires less CFM to capture dust
• Mixing/discharge blades furnished with open slots between paddles and drum reduces concrete build up on discharge side of paddles for less daily clean up and maintenance
• 36” retractable inlet chute with removable bolt on inlet ring provides easy access for daily clean up
• Precise factory drive alignment and built-in precision field realignment for easy alignment in the field
• Six-foot tall perimeter fencing with four-foot-wide removable panels provides guarding for moving parts and access for maintenance

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CON-E-CO HRM-12 Horizontal Mixer Brochure